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Medical Consultation

Our team of specialists offers medical consultation to patients who are interested in finding out more about their health condition | read more

Second Opinion

In terms of healing and medical treatment we often see that having two eyes is better than one, which means that having a second opinion about your health condition | read more

Trip Planning Packages

For most of our patients trip planning can be a hassle which is why we at AHS have decided to make it easier by offering it in our services list. AHS provides the patient with a fully calculated trip plan to best suit his/her preferences and needs | read more

Rehabilitation Services

Health recovery after treatment is a very important matter in the German health system | read more

Welcome to AHS International

A Step-By-Step stages from your homeland to the treatment course:

letter of invitation

Based on the medical documents, medical consultation, and overall health condition a treatment invitation from the hospital will be sent to you by email.

The treatment invitation will include a personal treatment invitation from the hospital. Treatment and non-treatment expenses.

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Airport Reception

An Arabic speaking AHS representative will welcome the patient and the companion in the airport and give them all the necessary details about their stay in Germany.

A car will be waiting to take the patient to the accommodation.

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Hospital Reception & Escort

An AHS medical consultant will receive and accompany the patient in the hospital for registration purposes and accompany the patient to all doctors' appointments

will stay In touch with the patient before and after the treatment and be available for the patient for any medical consultation he/she might need.

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Treatment Procedure

At the appointed date you will meet your surgeon and anesthesiologist (if needed) and do other necessary tests, usually a day before the scheduled surgery/treatment. In the next day you will receive the treatment.

AHS team will stay beside you to support you throughout the process.

Once you've gone through your procedure, AHS team will visit you, and will be in close contact with the medical team regarding your condition.

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